Whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey, looking to shape up your tummy after pregnancy, or are experiencing an injury that has kept you out of the gym, we have a solution. We are proud to offer the most innovative and effective body contouring system available: EvolveX by InMode. EvolveX can target stubborn fat, build muscle, tighten skin and contour your body without setting foot in the gym.

What to Expect:

First, you’ll consult with one of our licensed aesthetic providers to determine if EvolveX Body Contouring is right for you.

During the treatment, we will apply ultrasound gel to the target areas and then place the specially designed EvolveX applicators on your skin.

Sit back and relax! As the device begins to work, you may feel a warming sensation and some gentle muscle contractions. Most patients find the treatment comfortable, like a hot stone massage.

Over time, you can expect to see gradual improvements in the treated areas, with optimal results typically visible a few weeks after the final treatment session.

Six to twelve sessions are recommended for best results. Ask your provider about combining EvolveX treatments with Morpheus8 Body for even more transformative results!


Customizable Skin Tightening

Tite is a treatment modality within this body contouring system that uses bipolar radio frequency energy to tighten loose skin. The RF energy heats the deeper layers of the skin, causing instant collagen contraction. You will notice some results instantly, and a noticeable improvement over time as collagen and elastin production are increased in the deeper layers of tissue. Since there are eight hands-free applicators, we can treat multiple areas at once. You will enjoy a relaxing, pain-free experience and notice tighter and firmer skin within months of your treatment series.


Customizable Muscle Toning

Tone is another treatment modality within this body contouring system that can build and tone muscle mass where you need it. Tone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to force different muscles to contract to a degree that cannot be achieved in a gym session. You will enjoy a pain-free experience with minimal discomfort as you simply lay down as the applicators force your muscles into involuntary contractions. Patients see a visible improvement in muscle tone and strength within just weeks after the recommended number of treatments.


2-in-1 Body Reshaping

With our Transform treatment, you can experience the benefits of two different EvolveX treatments in a single session. Transform alternates bipolar radio frequency heat (RF) with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to deliver a synergistic layering treatment with transformative results. The combination of these two technologies helps to spot treat and destroy unwanted fat while building and toning muscle. In a single treatment session, you can address multiple body shaping concerns, and begin to see transformative results in as soon as three to four sessions.


EvolveX Transform

Package of 6 sessions – $1,500

Package of 12 sessions – $2,100


One of the many benefits of EvolveX is that the treatments are completely painless, and involve no downtime. You may notice some redness in the area immediately after the treatment which will resolve within a few hours, and may be sore the following day from the muscle stimulation.

Yes, Evolve X is a hands-free device with artificial intelligence which monitors every aspect of your treatment so your clinician can adjust the settings if needed. Additionally, it is equipped with a patient-activated call button which can stop the treatment at any point if needed. Each of the technologies utilizes safe, effective and clinically-studied techniques which all rely on natural bodily processes to accomplish the desired results.

Radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation technologies have proven to be safe for all skin types. Patients who are considered to be a good candidate typically are at or within 15 pounds of their ideal body weight, and just looking to spot treat problem areas. At your consultation, we will go over any relevant medical history that might affect your ability to receive the treatment.

Because EvolveX relies on natural bodily processes, full results from the treatment series will take time. You may notice some immediate improvement, but will see full results 90 days out from your final treatment session, as this is the timeline for new collagen and elastin production. We typically recommend between 6 and 12 treatment sessions, each spaced a week apart.

It’s important to note that EvolveX is not intended to be a treatment for weight loss, but instead a means to contour and define your body in ways that may not have been achievable with diet and healthy lifestyle choices. With any non-invasive body contouring procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations. EvolveX is not comparable to liposuction or other invasive procedures, but you will achieve some noticeable results and improvement in the look of your body.


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