Dermal fillers, made from hyaluronic acid, are injected into the soft tissue to reduce visible signs of aging. The use of fillers can contour & balance facial features, smooth out lines, hydrate the lips, effectively lift wrinkles & folds, and restore volume loss. Filler is a quick in-office procedure, providing instantaneous results and requiring virtually no downtime. Filler lasts 12-18 months on average.

What to Expect:

First, you’ll consult with one of our licensed aesthetic providers to discuss your concerns and treatment goals.

The treatment itself is quick (30-60 minutes tops!) and can be uncomfortable, but very tolerable. Topical numbing cream is provided depending on the area being injected.

Swelling, bruising, and temporary redness can occur after filler treatments. Typical healing time is 2 weeks (with the worst of the swelling being at day 2-3!) and it takes up to 4 weeks to fully integrate into the tissue.

Patients can get back to their everyday activities right away! Results are immediate, and can last between 6-18 months. You’ll still look like YOU, just an enhanced version.

We always start with no more than 1 mL of lip filler in a single session. More can be added over time as desired. If you have had previous lip filler, often we will recommend fully dissolving it prior to your lip filler session. Our practitioner will assess your lips for any existing product and make a recommendation during your initial consultation.
MRI studies show that hyaluronic acid fillers can last in the tissue for up to 11 years. Because of this, we often recommend dissolving previous filler prior to doing lip filler with us, especially if you have been filling your lips consistently over time. We use a dissolving agent called Hylenex to break down hyaluronic acid filler, wait 2 weeks at which point we can refill.

We specialize in facial balancing with fillers to enhance your natural beauty. Our experienced practitioners use advanced techniques to address volume loss, asymmetry, and shadows in areas such as the chin, cheeks, midface, and jawline. Whether you desire chin filler for added projection and symmetry, chin shadowing to define and contour the jawline, midface filler to restore a youthful appearance, or jawline filler to sharpen and contour the jawline, our team will create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We understand that everyone is unique, and we aim to create natural-looking results that harmonize with your individual beauty. Trust us to restore balance and symmetry to your face, creating a subtle and refreshed appearance that enhances your best features.


Lip GLO Up (Lip Filler) – $800

Dermal Filler – $800 per syringe

Dissolver (Hylenex) – $250 per vial

Lip Filler – $700

Restylane – $700+

Juvederm – $700+

Dissolver – $250+


Filler is a gel-like substance composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in the body, which is used to restore volume, contour, and rejuvenate the face.

The results of filler treatments can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, or more, depending on the area treated and the specific product used.

Fillers can be used to address various concerns and enhance many areas of the face, including the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines (lines that extend downward from the corners of the mouth), chin, jawline, and temple areas. They can also be used to restore volume and contour to the midface, under eyes, neck, and hands.

Downtime associated with filler treatment is minimal, with many patients returning to their normal activities immediately after their appointment. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, which typically resolves within a few days. Our practitioners will provide you with helpful tips to alleviate any side effects you may experience.

Our practitioners take every measure to ensure your comfort during treatment, including the application of a topical numbing cream for lip filler. You may feel a slight pinch or pressure during the injection, but most patients report minimal discomfort.

At GLO BAR, we pride ourselves on creating natural-looking results that enhance your individual beauty. Our experienced practitioners use a meticulous approach to create subtle enhancements that complement your features and restore balance and harmony to your face. We work closely with you to ensure that your treatment goals align with your desired outcome, creating results that are both beautiful and natural.


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